The 419Positive Project is an umbrella
for a series of 'Celebrating Nigeria' projects
aimed at challenging perceptions of
Nigerians, and about Nigeria.

First, is Say Something Positive..., a groundbreaking documentary in search of 419 positive attributes of Nigerians & Nigeria.
And we're inviting every Nigerian and friend of Nigeria to get involved and Say Something Positive... here, today!


Kidnappings; Human rights abuses; Election fraud; Corruption; Internet scams aka 419. These are all labels commonly associated with Nigerians and Nigeria.

Inspired by the notorious 419 (pronounced four-one-nine), The 419Positive Project is an ambitious project in search of four hundred and nineteen positive attributes of Nigerians and Nigeria. This is no easy task, so we are asking you to help out by telling us something remarkable about Nigerians or Nigeria via this simple form.

The project team will sift through the attributes received and plot them on a map of Nigeria which will serve as a compass on our road trip across Nigeria. We’ll share our journey with you – the attributes, the ups and downs, and the stories of people we meet – in words, pictures and video.

In addition to asking you to Say Something Positive… online, we are keen to engage the many Nigerians with no access to the internet. We’re looking for individuals and organisations to help facilitate manual submissions within their local communities and to show our appreciation, you will get a mention on our website. If you are interested or know of an organisation able to assist, kindly email us at volunteer [at] stating your full name, contact number and location.

There is no denying that Nigeria is facing many serious and urgent problems but it is equally important acknowledge that the Nigerian story is greater than the sum of the stereotypes. We hope that our effort might inspire and empower Nigerians of all backgrounds to participate in telling more robust stories about the Nigerian experience.

We also hope that this project will contribute in some small way towards promoting positive attitudes around issues of self-image, civic pride and national loyalty.
We invite you to join us on this journey.
Say Something Positive…

Rosemary A. Ajayi
Project Creator & Director


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